What’s The Best Probiotic Supplement?


Clinically proven benefits of probiotics are numerous but finding the best probiotic can be tricky. Not all probiotics are alike. For example a probiotic supplement may be labeled as 60 billion bacteria per capsule. The key is to find out if it actually DELIVERS that many probiotics into your gut, which seldom happens.

In the absence of credible information it is difficult to know which probiotic brand to buy. At BestProbioticSupplements.org our aim is to educate sufferers about most effective probiotics based on extensive independent research.

In the last two years, we have already helped lots of people to choose best probiotic supplements. Thereby getting fast relief from numerous health conditions.

How do we find the most effective probiotic?

The probiotic products that we found to be most effective have been stringently tested on volunteers to see if digestive symptoms do clear up and go away as fast as the product manufacturer claim. We collected information of top selling probiotic pills, tablets, capsules, liquid preparations and compared there effectives. Further we asked several consumers to rate and review the probiotics they have used to get rid of digestive issues. Our research comprised of the following 5 point review process:

1.    Probiotic strain
2.    Customer feedback
3.    Packaging
4.    Shelf life
5.    Quality and quantity.

OK, So what are the best probiotic options?

Based on our research, here are the top probiotic supplements that we found to work best in producing excellent results.

No.1 Bowtrol

We found Bowtrol Probiotic to be most potent and popular supplement on the market. And the reason why it’s so popular is because it contains 10 Billion live probiotic cells that get delivered to the intestines after surviving the acidic stomach environment. Unlike many other probiotics, Bowtrol Probiotic pills are specifically designed to deliver live cultures to the intestines and that too without any added preservatives, sugar or calories.
No less important is the fact that it contains exclusive blend of both Prebiotic and Probiotic cells. It should be noted that Prebiotics are mostly absent in many products. Being a multi-strain probiotic it’s more effective for overall health and digestion.
Formulated to help restore the balance of intestinal microflora, Bowtrol Probiotic is a vegetarian probiotic supplement that that helps establish the proper pH environment in the colon.

·    Naturally helps build and maintain a healthy digestive system
·    Recommended by Gastroenterologists
·    Survives gastric acids to keep your intestines functioning well
·    Naturally replenishes your digestive system with healthy bacteria
·    Does not contain lactose, soy or gluten
·    No side effects

Bottom Line:

Altough Bowtrol probiotic is costlier than lots of other brands but the effectiveness justifies the cost. Bowtrol is the best choice.

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No. 2 Ultimate Flora

Ultimate Flora is a daily probiotic supplement that helps promote a healthy digestive system. Ultimate Flora provides 50 Billion lives cells in a single dose. Its unique delivery method helps protect capsules from stomach acid and delivers the colony forming probiotic cells to the intestines. Ultimate Flora is shelf-stable and no refrigeration required Customer feedback suggests that when taken daily, Ultimate Flora works by providing an ongoing natural defense against occasional digestive upsets.

Build and maintain a healthy digestive system
Restore your natural digestive balance
Protect against occasional digestive upsets
No side effects

Bottom Line:

We found a lesser number of positive costumer recommendations for Ultimate Flora than Bowtrol Probiotic but still would recommend it to cost conscious people looking for good quality probiotic.

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No.3 Align

Align is a basic probiotic supplement which comprises of easy to swallow capsules to be taken orally. Align provides 1 billion active cultures per capsule which boosts overall health and digestive problems without causing any side effects.
This is a cheap supplement that works well if you strictly take the daily dose. But the low probiotic count makes it not comparable with potency of Bowtrol or Ultimate Flora.

Relieves Digestive Discomfort
Helps Maintain Intestinal Flora
Improves Symptoms Associated with Occasional Constipation
Supports Natural Defenses
Side effect free

Bottom Line:

Helpful to maintain gut flora.

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What are the benefits of probiotics?

According to latest research studies more than 80% of all degenerative diseases are in some way associated with bacterial imbalance in the digestive tract which results in weakened immune system. There is a lot of documented evidence of probotics showing beneficial effects like:
·    Improved appearance of skin.
·    Reduction of acne.
·    Reduction of Urinary Tract Infections
·    Weight loss at a healthy pace
·    Increased energy.
·    Higher resistance to allergies
·    Reduced bloating and size of stomach.
·    Regular bowel movements
·    Faster, more comfortable bowel movements (no strain or pain
·    Cancer Preventive effects
·    Relief from Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)
·    Increased Nutrient Absorption
·    Dandruff
·    Reduced smelly gas.
·    Maximal uptake of nutrients from food and supplements.
·    Processing of potentially toxic and carcinogenic (cancerous) components of food to harmless by-products.
·    Healthy immune response.
·    Non-accumulation of toxic waste in the colon
·    Inhibits harmful organisms
·    Reduction Vaginal Yeast Infection
·    Candida Overgrowth
·    Clearing of Acne
·    Rocacea
·    Reduced Infections
·    Regular Bowel Movements
·    Relief from Constiption
·    Boosts Immune System
·    Detoxification

recently completed a course of antibiotics
for people who have particularly troublesome digestive tracts.

How to boost the effectiveness of the probiotics you choose?

In order to compliment the good affects of any probiotic you need follow the following guidelines:

1.    Eat foods that are high in soluble fiber.
2.    If you’re constantly sitting and don’t get enough exercise, your gut may be slowing down. If you have a sedentary job, make sure you get up from time to time and walk around.
3.    You would normally be advised to increases of fiber but don’t increase it suddenly as it may lead to bloating, diarrhea, intestinal gas or other discomfort. Increase fiber gradually and completely remove junk food from your diet. Include whole-grain breads and cereals, beans, plenty of vegetables, brown rice, bran, and seeds.
4.    Avoid sugar in all forms.
5.    Avoid constipation-causing foods which include white rice, white bread, pastries, cakes, pies, and pasta.
6.    Remove all types of soft drinks and packed fruit juices from your diet.
7.    Remove all dairy products.
8.    Intake at least eight glasses of water or hydrating fluids per day. For men and women who exercise or work outdoors, even more fluid intake each day is necessary. However, that does not include drinking more coffee, tea or alcohol because these have the opposite effect, creating mild dehydration.
9.    Avoid salt intake higher than recommended level.

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